Peter Cripps Clark grew up in Melbourne Australia, where he completed secondary education at Victorian College of Arts. He received his formal dance training at the ArtEZ university of the Arts, Arnhem where he graduated with a Master degree in Dance in 2015.
As a member of Konzert Theatre Bern, Peter participated in Koen Augsgustijnen’s “Dancing Bach”, among other productions. At this time, he also began working with Marion Zurbach.
Peter regularly contributes to the artistic development of the company since its creation in 2015. More recently Peter has joined the House of Hoplezz, an Amsterdam based drag and performance family. Peters' drag Character Lady Bag has been working in drag activism, costume design, workshop guiding and teaching. Since then Lady Bag has been developing interdisciplinary Drag and Movement workshops, which have been presented at institutions of arts education, including Rietveld academy and ArtEZ.