• 24.11.2023
    Public showing Ballet National de Marseille
  • 01.11.2024
    Public showing Tanzhaus Zurich
  • 20.11.2024
    Public showing "Questions de danse" KLAP Maison pour la danse

The performance Conte nuisible is a non-linear narrative performance work weaving a hybrid body. In perpetual metamorphosis, this body in struggle seeks to inscribe a new regime of values in its tissues, muscles, and flesh. The performance explores the conditions of the monstrous and the system that produces it. What are the political and historical issues at stake at each stage of its construction?

The monster is the sum of values attached to a civilization which crushes bodies and disconsiders certain postures and ecosystems. The Romantic ballet’s villains and the animals known as pests belong to this category of unwanted, negligible beings, or those to be fought.

The performance stages the monstrous relationship that surfaces in the quest for beauty, unattainable in essence. The performer does not embody a monster but explores an impure body, which questions the relationship with itself and tries to extricate itself from a sterile condition.

Conceptualisation and performance Marion Zurbach
Music creation Zooey Agro Costume design Silvia Romanelli
Oeil extérieur Arthur Eskenazi
Pictures Manon Tombe

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