Giorgio Gristina was born in Palermo, Italy. He holds a Master degree in Anthropology from the University of Turin and a diploma in sound recording and editing from the Scuola APM in Saluzzo. In 2010, he completed an internship at the Tempo Reale electronic music research centre in Florence. Since then, he has taken part in numerous performances and installations (Fabbrica Europa, Ofici-nas do Convento, Museu da Água, Espaço Alkantara, Negócio ZDB, Atalaia Artes Performativas, etc.) and worked on dozens of films and animated features (with Zelig, Stefilm, Evolution, Long-shot, Terratreme, Elenfant and Vidéolotion). From 2012 to 2014, he worked as a sound engineer at Sankeys (Ibiza). Since 2015, he has been based in Lisbon, where he has collaborated on various artistic projects (with Zelig School, Ar.Co, Filmin, Il Sorpasso, Ebano Collective and others) and has recently begun a doctorate at the Institute of Social Sciences. As a DJ/producer, he appears under various pseudonyms and releases music with the “Brusio” label under the name “Jitter”. He also works with various independent radio collectives and composes soundtracks for the label CusCus Discus.