Born in Ticino, Fhunyue completed her dance studies at the Hamburg Ballet School of John Neumeier. In 2010 she joins the Bern Ballet and completed the Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance at the London Contemporary Dance School. In 2013, she joins the Scottish Dance Theatre. Since 2015,she is a core member of UNPLUSH and has been working with The Rothfils, Emma Murray and Damotus as a freelance performer, choreographer and musician. She collaborates on the creation of the performances: Dreams of Sleep and Wakes of Sound, When a dragon swallows the sun, Boxing Duo, META and Sonder, performing at various theatres and festivals in Switzerland and abroad. As an autodidact musician/thereminist, Fhunyue plays in the band J.A.W.I.S., which she founded together with Annalena Fröhlich in 2016, as well as creates and composes solo projects for theatre & performance productions. She is a member of the Bongo Joe collective in Geneva.