UNPLUSH and JAWIS bring together performance and live music to create "POSH", a “mocku-exhibition” with the aim to promote the lifestyle and justify the existence of a high-class society.

The work consists in different scenes, each linked to a supposedly convincing argument in favor of the ruling class. The provocative attitude of the performers confronts the audience - without being too kind and with a strong irony - with what our society legitimates.

The performance brings together different living arts mediums such as dance, slam, theatrical rhetoric and electronic music (synthesizers, voice, theremin).

“An interdisciplinary, performative moment of soft and playful social criticism. We were all dipped in gold and felt intensely taken by the UNPLUSH-posse. Unforgettable!” –Marie-Isabelle von Walterskirchen, Vazem Collective

Concept: Marion Zurbach
Performers and makers: Peter Cripps Clark, Maria Demandt, Meloe Gennai, Guilherme Marinheiro, Marion Zurbach
Musicians: JAWIS: Fhunyue Gao & Annalena Fröhlich
Artistic Assistants: Vittorio Bertolli & Ralf Samens

Premiere 4 June 2017, Rhizom Festival Rote Fabrik Zurich
Duration: 45′
Spoken language: English