What if we could erase our defective mechanisms until we were as perfect as androids from science fiction movies?

What would we do if we were offered the possibility to bring to life our every ambition?

Labor is a wellness center with such advanced technology that it allows us to realize our fantasies. The dance piece is presented as a showcase in which LABOR introduces its latest procedures. The piece is a wink to a dystopian science fiction world, but also addresses the very present topic of mankind’s dependency and enthusiasm for technology.

Welcome to the laboratory, which service would you like to use?

“The ACT BAD prize goes to UNPLUSH for LABOR for the creative potential of the whole collective, their authentic language, individual and honest expression of each performer and for a scary dystopian universe.”–Jury members of the ACTFestival.(Award “ACT-BAD”, ACTFestival Bilbao Spain, May 2017)

Concept & choreography: Marion Zurbach
Performance & choreography: Irene Andreetto, Maria Demandt, Peter Cripps Clark, Fhunyue Gao
Music live: Fhunyue Gao

Première: 9 September 2016 // Mad Scientist Festival in Natural History Museum of Bern
Duration: 40 minutes
Spoken language: english – Spanish and German subtitles available