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Unplush company

With “one travelling show”, Marion Zurbach presents a personal investigation on Elie Kakou (1960-1999), the first Maghreb actor and humorist, who was successful in France thanks to his exceptional one man shows. By revisiting and expanding the physicality of Elie’s various stage characters, Marion seeks a complicity, an imaginary dialogue with the comedian.

Accompanied by electronic sounds and using humor in unsettling ways, “one travelling show” offers us an insight into the complexity of Elie Kakou as well as Marseille in relation to the cultural events of 2013, when Marseille was nominated as European capital of culture.

Creation and performance: Marion Zurbach
Assistant: Vittorio Bertolli
Video: Matteo Taramelli & Marion Zurbach
Documentation and interviews: Arthur Jouanaud


Dampfzentrale Bern

Unplush company

Further performances: 28.03.2021

Do it Mayra features the characters behind a terrifying event that occurred at a rave party. All characters are embodied by the interpreter and narrator Mayra, alone on stage. If she is one of the characters or the author of this fiction, is not revealed. With her identity never certain and open to interpretation, she deploys a world of science fiction to bear testimony to her story.

Concept and direction: Marion Zurbach
Performance: Maria Demandt / Peter Cripps Clark
Sound composition: Giorgio Gristina
Installation & dramaturgy: Arthur Eskenazi
Costumes: Silvia Romanelli
Oeil extérieur: Vittorio Bertolli

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