Born in Austria, Martina started her dance training at the Royal Opera Ballet School/Vienna. She completed a Diploma in Performance and Dance Studies at the Laban University/London, followed by many years of working as a dancer in the UK. 2006, she founded an entertainment company to organize and curate interdisciplinary dance festivals. 2007-2015, she was a soloist of the Bern Ballet and Compagnie des Konzert Theater Bern, choreographing various pieces. Amongst them, together with Izumi Shuto, they created “Am Quai” with the Band “Kummerbuben” and the Bern Ballet. The creation process was made into a documentary movie called “Buebe gö z’Tanz” which received numerous awards. From 2015-2017, she worked as rehearsal director, stage manager and administrator at the Cinevox Junior Company in Neuhausen am Rheinfall and successfully completed her Masters in Arts Management at the University of Basel. Since summer 2018, she is the manager of UNPLUSH.